TRANSCAER® members are transparent

We inform communities and first-responders about the products being moved through their area by road and rail.

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We work with communities to keep Canadians safe

TRANSCAER® hosts dozens of training and community outreach events across Canada each year. See what’s happening in your region.

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Effective emergency response starts with training

Our TRANSCAER® Safety Train travels from coast to coast, helping to train emergency responders on how to safely manage transportation incidents involving dangerous goods.

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The Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response initiative (TRANSCAER®) was started in Canada in 1985 by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). Today, it’s led by CIAC and the Railway Association of Canada (RAC). TRANSCAER® members work with municipalities, emergency responders, and residents in communities along transportation routes to make sure they are informed about the products being moved through their area and prepared to respond to potential incidents involving dangerous goods.

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Prairie Region TRANSCAER Committee Meeting
November 19 2019
Conference Call Red Deer, AB

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